Where are you going to college and what do you plan to major in?

I attend Long Island University Brooklyn. I am majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology.

What were your favorite subjects during high school?

My favorite subjects during high school were AP statistics and calculus. Basically every math class I took.

What extracurriculars did you do in high school?

I was involved in Spanish club, Swim & Dive team, Water Polo, Medical Club, International Relations Club and Gainz (weightlifting) Club.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?

I love running outdoors and reading hundreds of books. Literature and air (breathable air) are my favorite things and I am eternally grateful for the both of them.

What is your favorite HFS memory?

My favorite HFS memory is whirly ball with my mentor. The most fun and liberating sport, but also a great experience to get to know my mentor in an adventurous setting.

How did your mentor help you out?

My mentor has been my constant advocate, friend, fan and best possible mentor she can be. Kelley still reaches out to me, cares about my studies and helps with any and all things.

What do you want to do as a career?

I want to be a pediatric cardiologist.

How has HFS impacted your life?

HFS has given me support, love and a family for four years. When I need help with internships, HFS was there. When it was time to visit colleges and work on college applications, HFS was there. Even now, as an alumna, HFS is still there for me. HFS has impacted my life by giving me the best possible support system.