Tim has been nominated for a mentor of the year award because of his excellence which has been recognized by his mentee, his mentee’s parents and HFS Chicago Scholars!

 “Shawn mentor is ABSOLUTELY the best. Tim checks on him every other week by email and his emails are so heartfelt that you can tell that he wants the best for Shawn and truly cares about his well-being (I am crying as I type this) truly this man is amazing. He takes the time out to come to all the events that involve the mentors and he truly motivates Shawn to be the best that he can be. I mean this man even sent a YouTube video of workouts he does so that Shawn can check it out to see if he would like to do them to stay healthy and active during this trying time. I know that all the mentors are awesome but TIM oh my, he is something special. We really appreciate all that he does and Shawn absolutely adores him.” – Parent to Shawn H.