What do you enjoy doing outside of school? 
Hobbies I enjoy outside of school are playing soccer with my siblings or playing volleyball with them. They always keep me smiling and are able to take my mind off things. Besides, those are my favorite sports! Interests I enjoy are reading, listening to music, cooking with my mom, and spending time with friends.

What extracurricular activities do you enjoy in school and out of school; what are you most proud of? 
Some extracurricular activities that I enjoy in school is participating in the Poetry and Faith & Science club. I like to learn new things and express myself in my writing. I also enjoy being in the volleyball and soccer team. Outside of school I enjoy zumba and being a part of the choir group at my church. I am most proud of singing at my church and being part of the soccer and volleyball team.

What is your favorite school subject and why? 
My favorite subject in school is literature because I LOVE reading. I’ve had a passion for it ever since I can remember. I enjoy reading new books and learning about different authors.

Fun Fact about yourself? 
A fun fact about myself is that I always have a smile on no matter what.

In what ways is your mentor a significant player in your life? 
My mentor is a significant person in my life because she is there for me when I need someone to talk to and she is very kind. I have tons of fun when we spend time together or just talk in general. It’s kind of like she’s my sister in a way.

What is your favorite HFS memory? 
My favorite HFS memory is when we went to Navy Pier for the college fair. It was my favorite because I got to talk with other scholars and learn more about them; like what college they wanted to go to, what they wanted to study, or just general facts about them. It also opened my mind to many opportunities.

How has HFS impacted your life? 
HFS has impacted my life by helping me realize how blessed I am that I have a scholarship that helps my parents pay for a high school that I chose to go to. You see, not a lot of students have the same opportunity as me and I should feel blessed that I do.

Is there anyone that you would like to thank at HFS Chicago Scholars? 
I would like to thank Ms. Desiree because she accepted me into this program and words cannot phrase how thankful I am that she did.

Describe HFS in 3 words! 
Welcoming, fun, accomplishment