Meet the Harrises, Grace and Matt, one of the many couples who mentor our scholars. After Matt joined the HFS family, Grace saw the positive impact it had on him and his mentee, and she signed up a year later. They both dedicate their time not only to their mentees, but to other scholars as well, by facilitating workshops, reviewing applications, and sharing college and career advice. We are so fortunate for the Harrises and all of our mentors who make our program a success.

What are some of your favorite memories at HFS?
Grace: There’s a lot that I really enjoy about HFS, but one of the main things is the variety of activities. One of my favorite activities include volunteering at Thanksgiving to help pack up bags of food for needy families. Another one was just this few weeks ago, where I joined a virtual session with my mentee about the medical field, which she is interested in going into.

Matt: I really enjoy just connecting one-on-one with my mentee, and also helping out with different recruiting efforts that HFS does to attract future scholars to the program. I think one of my fondest memories is I’ve been able to present twice at financial literacy workshops that HFS has hosted. Teaching the fundamentals of personal wealth management to the scholars has been rewarding based on the interactions during the sessions and the feedback afterward.