What brought you to HFS Chicago Scholars?
My coworker reached out and presented the opportunity to be a mentor and join the Young Professionals Board. At the time I was in the market for a consistent volunteer opportunity. I knew I wanted to be active in a local NFP whose mission was education based and focused on inner-city students. It was a perfect fit.

Describe your relationship with your scholar.
My scholar and I had an instant connection and have remained close as we enter her senior year. We text every week to stay in contact, meet up at HFS-sponsored events, and plan other activities on our own to get some quality time in together.

How have you grown as a mentor?
As my scholar progresses throughout high school, I realized that my involvement becomes more and more critical. I try to not hold back on sharing my own personal experiences because any perspective can help.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming a mentor?
Put the time and effort into building your relationship with your mentor. It IS a commitment but the positive effects are boundless.

Describe HFS in 3 words.
Supportive. Dedicated. Fun!