High School and Graduation Year
St. Joseph, Class of 2010

College & Major
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Math & Economics

Where are you now?
Strategy Consultant for Aon

How did your HFS expereince shape you?
HFS has instilled in me great core values that I try to live by
everyday: Scholarship, Service & Family.
Scholarship: HFS always stressed the importance of education and despite having a full time job I am always trying to educate myself outside of my profession to better leverage my skills in whatever I am pursuing.
Service: My time at HFS included various service opportunities. I do my best to give back when possible and I always look for opportunities to volunteer and offer guidance when applicable.
Family: HFS was a second support system for me through my developmental years in high school and I realize how important the word family really is. I try to enforce the value of family to others around me and be a support system for those in need.

In what ways was/is your mentor a significant player in your life?
My time at HFS was special in the sense that I was surrounded by mentors. People like Mr. Kennelly served as a support system to help push me further than I ever imagined. It was trying to make people like him proud that allowed me to accomplish everything I have up to this point. I double majored at the University of Illinois in both Math and Economics along with playing football for the Division 1 program. I am proud to say that HFS helped me overcome the struggles that came with being a student-athlete in college and my time with HFS has helped me post college as I begin my career in the corporate world.

Describe HFS in three words.
Scholarship. Service. Family.