2 of our wonderful scholars, Destiny Degante and Katherine Garcia, were interviewed by Telemundo for the ComEd Power Challenge project. Watch the interview below.

*Please note: the interview is in Spanish and the English translation is provided bellow.

English Translation

Students at different Illinois high schools are making a difference with technology and innovation projects that could improve the distribution of electric energy in the homes in our region. Gio Garcia tells us everything takes part in an educational program from ComEd.

Through the ComEd Power Challenge, high school students like Destiny and Katherine put into practice their science and technology ideas. They created an electric prototype that uses solar panels and low-frequency sounds that keep birds and squirrels away to avoid power outages and protect wildlife.

Destiny Degante: “This can help customers be happy by knowing there will be less power outages and it is also saving time and resources for ComEd. We’re using solar energy to save money and to protect our environment.”

The project was developed between December and February and recently selected as one of the winners of ComEd’s innovation and technology programs. The student winners received scholarships.
Katherine Garcia: “This helps me and my family a lot [scholarships] to worry less about paying for attending school.”

In this first edition of the program, 40 students participated from schools all across the state.

Hector Montes: “These projects allow we guarantee that new generation of innovators have all the tools, data and capabilities to develop the ideas and projects that are objective.”

ComEd takes into consideration some of the best ideas to compliment the process for bettering the electric system.

The educational program has the premise to capture new projects with students next December, but in the meantime, organizers explain that it all depends on COVID-19.