What do you enjoy doing outside of school?
Outside of school related activities, I like to spend my time either reading a book, solving a puzzle or watching superhero T.V. shows and movies.


What extracurricular activities are you involved in at school?
At school, I am the president of the Spanish Honors Society, Vice President of the Saint Ignatius Pep Band, and Senior Class Representative for the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS).


What is your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is either my math or science. I have always liked math and science because in the end everything fits together like a giant puzzle. This year my favorite class is either Calculus or Physics because I am challenged daily to see a problem from a new perspective.


What college do you hope to attend in the fall and what would you like to study?

This fall, I hope to attend Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and study some sort of engineering, although I’m still not sure which type.


What is your favorite HFS Memory?
My favorite HFS memory is probably the time that I lead the Hokey Pokey at one of the quarter events. It was fun to get my peers to dance to such a silly song with me.


How has HFS impacted your life?
From afar, HFS can be seen as only a financial support, but I have learned to see HFS as much more. Although the financial support HFS offers me is one of the reasons I am able to attend the high school of my choice, what I appreciate the most from HFS is the family that I have made there. HFS has given me a support group where help is offered to me financially, academically and socially. Through HFS I have met some of my closest friends, I have gained a lifelong mentor and I have learned to take a step out of my comfort zone to help those around me. Because of HFS, my world has been broadened and made much more approachable.


Describe HFS in 3 words!
Foundation for growth!