Where are you going to college and what do you plan to major in?
I am currently attending Brown University and plan to major in environmental or mechanical engineering, although I am also considering computer science.
What were your favorite subjects during high school?
When I was in high school I really enjoyed my science classes, especially physics and biology. It’s always been fascinating to me to understand how the physical world works. I also loved my World Religions and US history classes!
What extracurriculars did you do in high school?
In terms of sports, I was in Cross Country and Dance. We did all sorts of dance styles, from flamenco to break-dance! Beyond that, I was also involved in the photography club and was head of the Latin American Student Organization at my high school.
What hobbies do you enjoy outside of school?
I enjoy going on long walks or bike rides with friends, reading, dancing, and, of course, watching Netflix.
What is your favorite HFS memory?
I really enjoyed the Summer Kick-Off before my senior year where we had a scavenger hunt around downtown Chicago. My friends and I were running around, snapping pictures, and learning more about the city and each other. My team also won that competition!
How did your mentor help you out?
My mentor offered me advice on what classes to consider taking to develop my interests and what to look out for when researching colleges.
What do you want to do as a career?
Since giving back to my community is very important to me, I would want to make sure the career I choose helps me do that. I have been considering working as an environmental or civil engineer, helping create infrastructure and systems that benefit the environment, and working on projects that help communities that have difficulties accessing clean water and the like. I would also be happy being a teacher or college professor, as I would get to explore my interests for many years while being an important part of the next generation’s formative years. Teaching and sharing my knowledge with others is something I love doing.
How has HFS impacted your life?
HFS gave me access to many resources that I otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Whether it was the financial literacy workshops or college fairs we attended, HFS exposed me to new ideas that helped me make better-informed decisions. I’m very grateful for the support HFS gave me and the opportunities the organization presented.