Agreement for Success

Maintaining a Scholarship

In order to receive and maintain a scholarship, HFS Chicago Scholars must abide by the 14 point Agreement for Success. These commitments are essential to the scholarship program and they ensure that every HFS Chicago Scholars reaches his or her potential.

  1. I will work to the best of my ability, maintain a positive attitude and be a leader.
  2. I will not be involved in any disciplinary problems, which result in suspension or probation.
  3. I will maintain a B grade point average.
  4. I will maintain a study schedule, complete all assignments and attend all required classes.
  5. I will not be tardy or absent more than 3 times in a semester.
  6. I will maintain an active and consistent relationship with my assigned mentor.
  7. I will attend all required meetings with my Academic Director.
  8. I will perform a minimum of 40 hours of documented community service.
  9. I will attend all required ACT and/or SAT Prep classes.
  10. I will complete five college applications, or use the common application where accepted.
  11. I will plan to attend all arranged college tours with HFS.
  12. I will become involved in school and/or non-school extracurricular activities in which I am interested.
  13. I will  meet with my school counselor on a regular basis.
  14. I will abide by the HFS college continuum (4 years English, 2 years Science, 2 years Foreign Language, 1 year Computer, 1 year P.E., 3 years Math, 2 years Social Studies, 1 semester Speech, 1 year Art/Music, 3 years Elective)