New Visual Identity

Over the last 25 years, one thing has remained constant at HFS Chicago Scholars: our scholars’ reach exceeds their grasp. This actually is a line borrowed from a poem called “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning, written more than 100 years ago. In it, Browning reminded his generation, and succeeding ones, that, to achieve anything truly meaningful in life, a person should always strive for those things that seem or are impossible. Not only does this attitude describe our scholars very well, but is also was the inspiration for a new visual identity.

“The Star-Reacher” is our shorthand for our new visual identity as well as the quality of students that are attracted to and thrive in HFS Chicago Scholars. Our scholars have big dreams – many of which are hard to reach – and they work hard everyday to realize them. They also are surrounded by a constellation of supporters within HFS who want to help them find a way: parents, mentors, staff members, alumni, board members and donors—many of whom they will never meet.

HFS Chicago Scholars is proud to have supported our scholars over the last 25 years, collectively totaling more than 500 students. Along the way, 100 percent of our scholars have gone on to enroll in a college or university, 90 percent have made the honor roll and all of our scholars have completed more than 50,000 community service hours to date.

After 25 years, we attribute our formula for success to our three pillars: Academic Excellence, Lifelong Mentoring and College Readiness. These three pillars explain our past accomplishments and they guide our ongoing mission. In the end, our new visual identity is a small change that represents a very big idea: with those who love and support them at their side, our scholars are meant for greatness because their reach exceeds their grasp.