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The inaugural year of the ComEd HFS Scholars STEM Program and Energy Academy concluded this weekend with student project presentations and an awards ceremony recognizing the top three teams. Students from across a variety of high performing schools around the city were awarded the top prize of $2,000 for their innovative technology concept, Smart Pathways. Smart Pathways was designed to light pathways in a more energy efficient way through motion sensors and light dimming capabilities. The Smart Pathways prototype also included safety features such as movement tracking through its light sensors. Winning criteria for the student prototypes in the competition included the potential to deliver community benefits related to health, safety, sustainability, connectedness, mobility, efficiency and education. “ComEd has been a fantastic partner for over ten years,” said Mike Kennelly, Founder & Chairman of HFS Chicago Scholars. “They launched this program this year, and it’s been great for our freshmen scholars, learning scientific concepts from ComEd’s scientists and engineers, and how to apply them. But more than anything, seeing them have a lot of fun along the way.” The HFS Scholars STEM Program and Energy Academy is part of ComEd’s Community of the Future in Bronzeville, a collaborative effort of local residents and ComEd to use smart grid technologies to create a connected, green and resilient community and enhance people’s everyday lives. The Community of the Future also features STEM education programs for Bronzeville and Chicago-area high school students, who are applying microprocessor technology to design solutions that address community needs and enhance quality of life.


Thank you all for being with us during our All In
For Scholars spring fundraiser. It was an amazing event and we truly appreciate all of your support!


Eighth-grade students who satisfy the required criteria
are encouraged to apply for an HFS Chicago Scholars
High School Scholarship. You must plan to attend (and eventually, gain acceptance to) a tuition-charging private high school within the Chicago area.

HFS Chicago Scholars at 25 Years: A New Look, A Renewed Commitment

Over the last 25 years, one thing has remained constant at HFS Chicago Scholars: our scholars’ reach exceeds their grasp. This actually is a line borrowed from a poem called “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning, written more than 100 years ago. In it, Browning reminded his generation, and succeeding ones, that, to achieve anything truly meaningful in life, a person should always strive for those things that seem or are impossible. Not only does this attitude describe our scholars very well, but is also was the inspiration for a new visual identity.

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